The Inner Life of Flowers

Photographs by Henry Graham Murray

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The Inner Life of Flowers

explores a beautiful, seductive and mysterious world.

The flowers are mostly found expressing their beauty in gardens around the canals in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

The photographs are taken in situ using the natural light of the moment. Henry really just finds a likely place to position his camera and encourages the plants to show themselves as they wish to be seen.

There are always some that don't want to play of course, but those that do will often use the opportunity to show off in quite surprising and majestic ways. 

Henry also has other elemental photographic playmates besides flowers which have resulted in ongoing series of Reflections in Water and Sunsets among others. These will appear on this website soon.


Henry Graham Murray

is a BAFTA nominated director for the British television comedy series “Rory Bremner – Who Else?” As well as being a veteran television producer and director of documentary, reality shows, factual entertainment and comedy for British television he is an award winning stage director. Henry is currently directing a play for the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June - Radicals, a gripping Bollywood musical action drama set in Kashmir. His work in theatre includes directing two Tom Stoppard plays for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earning this review in The London Times: “It is beautifully directed by Henry Murray, who concludes it with a picture of a clear sky which splendidly startles as one is never startled except in the theatre.”

is a BAFTA nominated television director for the UK comedy series Rory Bremner, Who Else? [ IMDB ] He is also a longtime producer and director of documentary, reality shows and factual entertainment for British television.


Henry takes a lot of photographs in his Venice neighborhood. He also enjoys designing websites. He is producer and director of the LA Play Reading and Performance group, an enthusiastic opera and theatre goer, an avid attendee of art gallery openings, and an ever willing conversationalist.   

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